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Actor and Voice artist

Jenny Heaton is a native Chicagoan who was raised in the northern suburbs. 
As a child she was always singing and speaking in different voices to her friends, family and inanimate objects. 

Her passion for acting was elicited from the response of her 'brothers' believing she was no longer a girl, and therefore free to play with them. The first time she graced the acting stage was in high school where she performed in Arthur Millers' "Playing for time" as Frau Maria Mandl. She also starred in a few musicals, "Beauty and the Beast" "Footloose" and "Les Miserables". She continued on to college at Indiana University and serendipitously moved to New York in 2011. 

Since then she has starred in 

Since then she has been working for herself booking commercials, short films and voice overs in and around the Northeast.

She is Danish, Welsh and as her Kentucky raised mother likes to say, poor white trash.


Voice Over Reel

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